The competition for IT staff (contract or permanent) across many Industries in 2014 has been extremely high. Simply offering a pot of money might work for some but undoubtedly will not work for all. An understanding and combination of the right factors, as outlined below, will help a prospective client acquire the best possible candidate, likewise the same will apply for those looking for a new employer.

4 factors motivating a career move for IT Employees:

1. Salary Increase
No surprise to hear that salary is one of the primary motivating factors for employees considering a career move in 2014. The good news however for many is that employers expect to be able to increase salaries over the coming 12 months. This may mean that the “counter offer” will play an increasingly important role as a mechanism that will allow companies retain existing staff. For those employees shrewd enough to negotiate with their current employer, it may also allow them improve their current working terms and conditions.

2. Location
Potential candidates are prioritising location, ease of commute and journey times when considering their options. Location then plays into the “work life balance” conundrum, “how busy will the train be” “how long will it take to get in work this morning”, “what will the traffic be like”.

3. Flexible working hours
Any opportunity to work from home or to work with a “flextime” option can be a deciding factor for a potential employee, sometimes even outweighing the salary considerations.

4. Job Satisfaction
This is seen as one of the key tenants of “making a move”. It is seen more and more by candidates that any prospective employer must be able to outline the career development opportunities in order to be considered a viable option. Whether this is in a permanent or a contract position candidates are becoming more savvy in understanding that they must develop their skills either through a structure educational plan or through additional “on the job” responsibilities in order to add value to their own CV’s. Employees want to be given stimulating work that has an impact on the company’s overall success to keep them motivated and happy in their job.

Even allowing for current economic pressure, it looks like this will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future and well into 2015, especially when “family” is thrown into the mix whilst the value on “time” continues to grow.

Posted by: Sam Reilly Sam Reilly

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