In work we have computers and at home we have phones with endless amounts of apps. We are only ever a second away from app notifications and phone calls so every once in a while we need a break from all of our gadgets!

Here are a few ways to switch off and take regular technology breaks both in the workplace and at home.

1. Deactivate, log out or turn off notifications for your social media accounts

Most social media sites are automatically logged in on your chosen device. If you log out each time you are finished using the app you will be less likely to flick through it again later in the day. If it isn’t a ‘log in/out’ kind of app then simply close and quit it each time you finish using it, it’s as if you are closing the door on it for the rest of the day!

It is also possible to deactivate many social media accounts where you are offline so you won’t be getting notifications. You can easily re-activate them by simply going to the login page again and entering your details. This is handy if you want to spend some quality uninterrupted time with your family or just for a couple of hours peace and quiet.

Switch off anything that might send your notifications.  No notifications means there are no reminders of what you could be doing with your various gadgets. By switching those off we tend to ignore and forget about them.

2. Regular breaks when you are around technology

Schedule breaks into your working day. Take a 10 minute break each side of lunch. This helps you monitor the time you spend on your work gadgets such as phones and computers.

Decide on a time when you will put away all of your gadgets when you get home in the evening. Apps like Cold Turkey will block specified social media platforms and websites for a certain length of time. These are great tools for when you are in work or simply want to switch off at home and put the feet up!

3. Planning holidays

Schedule your holidays and days off at the start of the business year, even just a couple of long weekends, so you will know exactly how far you have to go until your next break and have them secured before anyone else. These regular breaks will mean that you to take time off from all of the technology you are surrounded by at work. Time off both work and gadgets is a perfect break!

4. Leave technology out of your resting spaces

It has been said so many times but we will say it again here, keep technology away from wherever you relax; your bedroom for example. Get a proper alarm so you don’t need your phone and leave all technology in a separate room from the time you begin to wind down in the evening until you wake up the following day. Not only does this give you a break but you will also have the best night’s sleep possible with no interruptions!

5. Map out directions before you leave

When you are outside enjoy the fresh air and don’t spend it navigating your way on Google Maps! Check your route before you leave the house and write down your directions and where you are going. This makes for a stress free journey and a chance to switch off and get some fresh air.

Posted by: Sorcha Jowitt