Preparation for an interview is key!

There is no sugar coating the fact that you will be asked about the company – history of the company, where they work, number of clients worldwide, types of clients they work with even down to the company’s mission statement or their morals / ethics!

Make sure you have put some time into researching them on the web – look at their website and also do searches on Google in general web results, news alerts, images so that you are aware what the company have been doing of late, recent developments in news stories and be aware of their quarterly results so that you know where they are going and predictions for the future. This isn’t always necessary for smaller companies but it is still good practice to make sure you have researched as much as possible about the company so that you are well equipped when it comes to interview.

Dressing for the interview is important – make sure to dress your best for the interview, regardless of the dress code at the company. Opt for an overdressed look rather than an underdressed one. Above all, make sure that you are well turned out, for ladies that your hair is neat and presentable and for men ensure that you are clean shaven.

During the interview itself, make sure you sit up straight with good posture so that you exude confidence and are prepared to answer questions to the best of your ability. Don’t be alarmed if a question catches you off guard, take a breath, think about the situation and the context. Often times an interview question can relate to your professional career life as well as your personal life e.g. captaining a football team or leading a golf team can exemplify leadership and give a high quality answer too. Remember there is seldom a right or wrong answer in interview. The Interviewer wants to see how you can handle yourself under pressure and how you can adhere to the question.

At the end of the interview, the interviewer will most likely ask do you have any questions for them and here is the time that you can show you have done research on the company. You can show that you are committed to the role with a question that the Interviewer wants to answer. Here are 5 questions great candidates ask over on which will help you to stand out and be remembered by the the Interviewer!

Another site with some great interview question tips for the candidate is on
The final tip
– To ask for the interviewer’s business card at the end of interview is a positive closing exchange. It gives you the chance to hold onto their contact details and send them a thank you email/note after, thanking them for their time and hopefully prompting a speedy follow up. Best of luck!!

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