With endless distractions at our fingertips our productivity and efficiency in the workplace can suffer and stress levels can soar!

Hopefully some of the tips below will help you tackle this and become more efficient and productive in the workplace

1. Avoid Timewasting sites

While these websites can be a great way to take a quick mental break it can often result in you becoming lost in endless links to cat videos!
A couple of ways to overcome this is to set up browser extensions that can block these sites or writing down in a notepad some of these links to be viewed at another time  when your ‘to-do list’ has been completed.

2. Multitasking

Multitasking can often be detrimental to productivity and can decrease our attention span. The most productive people dedicate their full attention to one task at a time and recognise that juggling a number of tasks at once leads to confusion and mistakes.
Which leads me to the next point – we need to learn to prioritise more!

3. Failing to prioritise
Having to-do lists are great, but not when you start the day with a double digit to-do list. You are setting yourself up for failure.
You need to prioritise your to-do list to tackle the most important tasks first and take on each task one by one.

4. Turn off email notifications
Study suggests that emails notifications can be a major road block to productivity and can easily deter the work in hand.
Unless your client has a true emergency your email notifications should be put on mute throughout the day and emails checked every two hours

5. Taking too many meetings
Meetings about meetings need to be minimised especially with the technology that is now so readily available at our finger tips (Skype and instant messaging etc.)
Meetings should be kept for introductions and for serious discussions where a clear agenda has been put forward along with a predefined time allocation so keep you on track.

6. Hit the gym
Going to the gym for just 20 minutes a day can boost your metabolism and kick-start your energy levels!
This will have beneficial effects to not only your body, but also your brain and will help reduce stress hormones

7. Eat Right!
Eat healthy food throughout the day to help fuel your body and cut back on the sugary processed foods which give us insulin spikes and can lead to  dreadful crashes and we can end up feeling more exhausted than before.

8. Wake up early
All of the top CEO’s that we read about have one thing in common and that is that they wake up early!
By doing so it allows you to start and organise your day in the right manner and take care of other non-work related tasks.

Posted By: Keith O’Loughlin, Recruitment Consultant.






Image credit: http://onlinehealth.wiki/nutrition/easy-eating-tips-to-increase-productivity