IT is one of the few areas that progresses and advances at such a fast pace. New technologies are emerging as fast as current ones are advancing so it is imperative to keep on top of your tech skills.

There are many opportunities to do this. Networking events and conferences keep you in the loop and often uncover new trends in IT coming down the line. Events like this occur in Ireland most weeks so here are a few coming up in the next few months that may be worth attending:

Courses from 1 day to part time 3 year courses can qualify you in almost any area of IT and will be looked upon favourably by many employers. It shows a good work ethic to study on top of furthering your career while also showing you are an expert in your field. Here are some course providers which may interest you:

  • SQ’s
  • New Horizons
  • Temple Soft
  • W3 schools web initiative
  • CCT

If you are looking for longer term education in IT these colleges may be a better option:

  • IBAT
  • IACT
  • DIT
  • Griffith College

Some general course searching tools for Ireland can also be found at:

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