30 Years on: The History of the Macintosh, or what we now call The Mac!

Released on January 24 1984, the very first Macintosh computer was an amazing machine for its time. Now 30 years old, this was Apple’s first attempt at a mouse-driven graphical user interface and cost a whopping $10,000. 12 months later, the Macintosh launched at a much more reasonable price, retailing for just under $2,500.

The Macintosh wasn’t perfect though; it had a small memory capacity, there was the need to continually insert and eject floppy disks, and there was a lack of available software. Despite its shortcomings, it somehow managed to impart a sheen of cool that its competitors lacked: a trend that has continued with Apple users until today.

The original Macintosh didn’t sell as well as Apple had hoped. While Steve Jobs was convinced that the Macintosh represented the future of the company but CEO John Sculley disagreed, believing that the Apple II, its business-focused machine should be prioritised instead.

This friction caused Jobs to be sidelined, and the following year he left the company in anger. In the search for a new operating system to breathe life back into the Mac, CEO Gil Amelio made the decision to purchase NeXT, a company owned by Steve Jobs, bringing Jobs back into the Apple fold in 1997.

Despite the ups and downs, Apple has continued to serve as a driving force in the Tech industry. While the company reinvents itself over and over again, the all-in-one model continues to be a staple of the company’s product line. The iPhone and iPad are now Apple’s flagship products, but the Mac isn’t going anywhere!

As long as Apple keeps iterating and refining, the all-in-one Mac might just stick around for the next 30 years.

Posted by: Aoife Conway | Connect on LinkedIn