Bitcoin is making a buzz!

There’s always a certain amount of skepticism around online currencies, but Bitcoin seems to be one that is lasting and becoming more and more widely used. An increasing number of businesses are accepting it as payment for goods and services, and it’s not just big businesses.  Recently, Sinéad Nic Lámha Pilates in Castleknock announced […]

Data Warehousing and Operational Efficiency?

Data Warehouses are defined as central repositories of integrated data from one or Such Data Warehouses would traditionally have stored current and historical data that were typically used for creating trend reports such as annual and quarterly comparative analysis scenarios. Due to the upsurge of social media, new content systems and mobile devices coupled with […]

Apple Pay, How Safe Is It?

By now I’m sure you have heard of Apple Pay. Apple’s own foray into the world of digital wallets and simplified payment methods. Essentially with your new iPhone and iOS 8.1 you can add your credit card to your Passbook. The same way you can with your Starbucks or Subway card. This involves taking a […]

What’s Motivating IT Employees in 2014

The competition for IT staff (contract or permanent) across many Industries in 2014 has been extremely high. Simply offering a pot of money might work for some but undoubtedly will not work for all. An understanding and combination of the right factors, as outlined below, will help a prospective client acquire the best possible candidate, […]