There are more times than not when a question in an interview comes up and you wish you had prepared more for it! There are also questions that you should answer in a particular way to ensure the Interviewer focuses on your strengths (not your weaknesses) and thinks of you as the winning candidate!

Here are some tips from Jason McNeill, our Business Development Manager:

    1. Tell me about yourself.
      This is often an ice-breaker question. Keep the answer job or skill related.


    1. What do you know about the type of work we do?
      This is your chance to tell what you know from the research you completed ahead of time.


    1. What is your weakness?
      Always make this a positive answer. For example, “My spelling is not always perfect, so I always use a spell checker.”


    1. What are your strengths?
      Describe your skills in a way that will show you as a desirable employee for the company.


    1. Why did you leave your last job?
      Answer with a positive statement. Try not to say: “I was fired,” “terminated,” “quit,” “had no babysitter,” or “couldn’t get along with co-workers or supervisor”. However, you can say: “new job,” “contract ended,” “seasonal,” “temporary,” “career change,” “returned to school,” to raise a family,” or “relocated.


    1. Why have you been unemployed for such a long time?
      Tell the truth. Emphasize that you were looking for a good company where you can settle and make a contribution.


    1. Why should we hire you?
      Make a positive statement, such as “I would like the opportunity to work with you and believe that I can do the work.”


    1. Do you have references?
      It is most important that you contact your references ahead of time and have their name, current address, and telephone numbers.


Are there any other questions you can think of or would like us to help you answer? Drop them in the comments below…

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