How can you make sure that you are the best employee for your job? Below are 5 key focus areas that will help you to stay up front in your Employers’ eyes and succeed in your current position.

1. Know your industry
Your industry is constantly changing and you need to keep up with what’s happening. Stay tuned to industry trade magazines, blogs, websites or follow key figures on social media sites that feature the latest news in your industry. This will keep you well informed and arm you to be in a position to discuss recent industry events and changes with your colleagues, supervisors, and management. By keeping up with current industry trends, research, and tools you can perform your job better and complement the operation of your company.

2. Assume success
Have a positive attitude and be confident in your work! Positivity is contagious, and when someone sees that you do your work with passion and confidence, they will be more inclined to trust in your ability to get the job done.  Believe that you can contribute to the overall goals of your company and remember you are qualified for the job, that is why you were hired above the competition.

3. Improve your communication skills
If you communicate wisely, more frequently, and honestly you’ll likely reduce your stress and be a better worker. Confrontation can at times be overwhelming but being upfront and approaching someone about an underlying issue will open the communication airwaves and make it easier for all parties to do their jobs better.

4. Be considerate of your co-workers
You spend more time with these people than nearly anyone else, so there is little point in making that time difficult. Be polite, compliment on a job well done, approachable and appreciative of any help you receive from your co-workers.

5. Work harder and smarter
Some employees set limits and boundaries for themselves as far as the number of hours worked or how much work they’re willing to do on a project.The key is to be able to work smarter so that you’re maximizing your abilities and making the most out of your time.

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