In today’s IT market, it is important to possess the qualities that make you a great contractor.When our clients come to us with requirements and we go out to market to search for the most suitable person for a contract, there are 5 key skills that will make you stand out:
1. Adaptability: This applies to being flexible to work in a contract in different sectors or environments. Having the ability to tune into your new contract surroundings quickly and apply your skills there is paramount. Depending on the IT skills you possess, often there are a number of industries where you can work, so keeping yourself open and adaptable to new environments will stand to you as the digital economy continues to change at pace.
2. Loyalty: Being loyal to the contract that you have undertaken i.e 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and finishing out the duration of the contract while giving 100% at all times during your contract will open doors for renewal. This shows your loyalty and commitment….just what an Employer is looking for.
3. Communication Skills: Having the ability to fit in with a new team and understand how to communicate priorities of your position and the company’s goals are key. If e.g you are a project manager delivering on a project may be the most important task for you but you need to be able to communicate this to your team. You need to ensure they understand what they must commit to the project and be approachable. Understanding others’ working constraints and working hard as a unit  will ensure project success!
4. Tactfulness: Having a good sense of what is fitting when handling different or difficult situations that arise during your contract is important. Having the self awareness to know what you do well, what you need to improve on and knowing what motivates  you to work at your best will stand to you. Understanding how to avoid conflict and offer the best solution to a problem not only shows you are capable but also that you are willing to use tact to get results.

5. Attitude: 
Having a positive, can do attitude will distinguish you as the stand out candidate. Attitude is so important! It shows us how a contractor will fare with the employer and the willingness they have to adapt and deliver on the job. This will stand to you when an employer looks at renewing a contract. Your attitude determines the energy you will put into the contract, if you are willing to go the extra mile and finally how much you are willing to do to achieve great things within your IT contract.

Remember the above characteristics when you take on your next
IT contract and prove you are the best contractor for the job!We receive new IT contract role opportunities from our clients every day.
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