Having enjoyed a well deserved break over the Christmas period and celebrating the dawn of 2014, it is about that time where we discuss New Year’s Resolutions. Amongst the usual promises to eat less and work out more, I’m sure some of you are making resolutions around your workplace and career.

With 2014 looking positive for the IT market, here at Vantage Resources we are happy to offer advice to anyone who is making a promise to themselves to focus on their career.

4 steps that you may find helpful:

1. Figure out where you want to be in 5 years time
This is probably the hardest part! Take time to sit down and think about where you want your career to be in 5 years. What area of IT are you most passionate about? Would you like to move up the ladder in your current field? Or would you like to branch into a new area? Would you like to move into people management or stay in a purely technical role?

2. Compose a plan
Once you have figured out the destination; you now need to establish a plan on how you will get there. It is best to do some research to figure out the areas you need to gain experience in, what your next position should be and if there are any certifications or courses that you may need to complete.

3. Re-write your CV
Now that you have figured out the type of role you need, it’s a good time to re-write your CV with your latest experience including a list of your skills and a profile on your achievements & career goals. It is always a good idea to tailor your CV for each role you are putting yourself forward for, allowing you to highlight your most relevant experience. As always when writing up your CV you should be careful of grammatical errors, ensure that it has a clear layout and it is easy to read.

4. Get pro-active
Now that all the hard decisions have been made – it is time to take action. Apply for positions that will give you the opportunity to reach your career goals. Bear in mind your perfect role may not be open at the minute but it may be useful to connect with a Resourcing Professional who can keep on eye out for such roles and reach out to you when it does.

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