There are hundreds of interview tips out there but we have narrowed it down 4 ‘need to know’ tips to keep things easy for you.  If you do nothing else but these 4 things you are guaranteed to make a good impression in your next interview!

So you drafted your CV to perfection, vetted and reviewed it repeatedly. You’ve submitted it to your dream job with your ideal company. A couple of weeks later you get a call from Vantage Resources requesting you for interview. Don’t panic, these 4 tricks will have you ready for interview day in no time!


1. First Impressions really count. They say you only have seven to seventeen seconds to make that first impression with someone so make it a good one by being punctual, adhering to the dress code, maintaining a straight but relaxed posture, making eye contact and smiling. You should also be aware of your tone of voice, hand gestures and exhibiting the right kind of body language.


2. Impress everyone, not just the interviewer. Remember that everyone is assessing you once you step in the door, even the receptionist. Don’t rummage through your bag aimlessly, got to the toilet three times and nervously read your notes! Be confident, sit relaxed yet assertive and smile.


3. Study your CV and know it inside out. This is you on paper, this all the interviewer knows about you so make it impressive and know every single detail. Outline your main achievements and most relatable skills to the role.


4. Ask questions, if you don’t it gives the interviewer an impression that you aren’t interested enough in the position or the company. You could ask about the role, the projects or the team you would be working with. This shows you’re enthusiastic and excited about the job.


Posted By: Tinley Tubbert, Resourcer




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